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Need for Speed Rivals Available On Origin + Helpful Resources

I have to admit that I was a little late in finding out that Need for Speed is available on the Origin. I was busy in some real life issues and that’s the reason I didn’t found about it early. So the news is Need for Speed Rivals is available on the Origin store for around $27.


Need for Speed is one of those games which every kid and person in the age of 13-36 knows about. Starting from the Need for Speed 1, it has gone a huge way and today, Need for Speed Rivals is using the best of the best technologies, fastest cars and the next gen technologies.

Original Link: https://www.origin.com/en-in/store/buy/nfs-rivals-2014—ANW.html

You can get the game from the original store of the EA Games (Origin). Electronic Arts has a history of not making their games available on the steam and there is a reason for this. They have their own online game store known as Origin. So If they put the games on steam, it will be a direct competition.

Need for Speed Rivals is the game which will put other games in the dust. Really.. it is that good. Get back in the street racing rivalry between the cops and the racers in this epic new racing adventure in both online and offline modes. In the online mode, you can start racing against a real racer instantly without having to wait because of the games new technologies.

Your car should reflect your identity. That’s why you will get the full control of your car look and performance. You can fully customize you car staring from the paint jobs to even changing the name plate of the car. You have to upgrade your car to the highest level if you want to compete in this next generation racing game aka Need for Speed Rivals.

I have collected some helpful links from the Google related to the NFS Rivals aka Need for Speed Rivals:

1. Trainers or Cheat Tools:

As Need for Speed Rivals don’t have cheat codes, so it is obvious that gamers will look for the trainers, cheat tools or anything which allow them to cheat in the game. The best is the Need for Speed Rivals Trainer from Pak Circles which I have personally tested, the others are given below:

1. http://www.cheathappens.com/19684-PC-Need_for_Speed_Rivals_cheats - (Paid)

2. http://megagames.com/trainers/need-speed-rivals-12-trainer-fling - (Free)

IGN also has a dedicated page for Need for Speed Rivals coering cheats, guides, hints and more at: http://www.ign.com/wikis/need-for-speed-rivals

Minimum 4 GB of Ram, 30 GB of disk space, Intel Core 2 Duo processor and NVIDIA GeForce 8800 GT is required for the game.

Now, I am going to play the game :-D

Happy playing NFS Rivals

Battlefield 4 + Call of Duty Ghosts + Sniper Elite Nazi Zombie Army 2 = FUN

So almost 3 best first person shooting games have been released with a difference of few days and I can’t help myself choose a single game from all these 3… Looks like I have to buy all of them because they are so good…

Battlefield 4:

Sniper Elite Nazi Zombie Army 2:

Call of Duty Ghosts:

So should I go with Sniper Elite Nazi Zombie Army 2 and shoot some dead zombies?? Or I go with Call of Duty Ghosts and fight with the aliens who have invaded the earth?? Or I go with the Battlefield 4 and show off my skills as a commander and fighter and take down some buildings or a whole city??

Guess what.. I will buy all 3 of them.